As per the law that allows them to rightfully apply for the Portuguese nationality, thousands of Goans are opting to apply for it. However, the reason for this is not just because many feel it is their right, but rather because there are many benefits to enjoy for Goans upon obtaining Portuguese nationality. Some of these benefits include:

Portuguese Nationality for Goans

Portuguese Nationality for Goans

Better Economic Prospects

This is by far the biggest benefit that Goans find regarding their Potuguese nationality. In India, economic prospects are a lot less than those in Europe, mainly because employment opportunities are less. Upon having a Portuguese nationality, Goans can become eligible to work in the EU.

Entry to Europe?

Having a Portuguese passport allows access to Europe and also 192 countries that allow visa-free access. This enables Goans to enjoy international travel and entry into Europe with ease and convenience.

A Prosperous Future

When you are the citizen of a much more developed country, your future becomes more prosperous, for you as well as your family. Many Goans who are distressed by the present situation in Goa can have a chance at a better future by obtaining their Portuguese nationality. If you are an eligible Goan who looks forward to such benefits by obtaining a Portuguese passport, T & T Associates' consultancy services can help you understand your options for making this decision.